Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tomatoes & Plantlings

I learned a thing or two about starting seeds this year. If you start more seeds than you want plants, you will have LOTS of extra seeds. Sound obvious? Probably should be! Somehow I thought a few of them wouldn't survive.... :) But they did. After giving away about two dozen plants, I still have quite a few left - cherry, yellow and purple heirloom. I inherited three more larger tomato plants, as well as permission from the landlord to plant, so started a small tomato garden. 
I also found a great hanging planter tutorial and decided to give it a try. So far, I have only 2 2L bottles (since we don't really drink soda much!), so will need to find another to get my yellow tomato plant planted, but did the cherry yesterday and the purple today.

The cherry tomato plant is already flipping its little leaves over to get the sun! Currently these guys live under the porch on the north facing side of the house - we'll see if they get enough sun there or if I have to buy a shepherd's hook to put them somewhere better suited to growing :)

Three more of my tomatoes, along with tomatillos and habaneros, have a new home in our plot in the community garden, which is coming along well!

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