Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amigumicrobes #2: T7 Bacteriophage

in honor of Megan Thompson, who made this crazy request

  • Magic Ring
  • ch, sc, hdc, inc, dec
  • bl dec: insert hook into bl of 1st st from front, then into bl of 2nd st from back; yo pull through both loops and finish as normal sc (see pictures below)

Note: Omit italics (“Round _b”) for less of a point on top and bottom
Magic ring 6 sc
Round 1: even sc around (6 st)
Round 2: inc every (12 st)
Round 3: inc every other (18 st)
Round 3b: even sc around (18 st)
Round 4: inc every 3rd (24 st)
Round 5: inc every 4th (30 st)
Round 5b: even sc around (30 st)
Round 6: inc every 5th (36 st)
Round 7: inc every 6th; hdc both inc st, sc all others (42 st)

Round 8: sc around, bl only, bl dec every 6th st in hdcs (36 st)
Round 9-12: even sc around 4 rows (36 st)
Round 13: inc in every 6th st of previous row, beginning with 4th st (inc st 4,10,16,22,28,34) (42 st)

Round 14: bl hdc dec every 6th st, beginning with fourth st; sc in bl of all other st (bl dec 4,10,16,22,28,34; in inc st on previous row)(36 st)
Round 15: dec every 5th st, beginning with 3rd st (dec 3,8,13,18,23,28) (30 st)
Round 16: dec every 4th st, beginning with 2nd st (dec 2,6,10,14,18,22) (24 st)
Round  16b: even sc around
Round 17: dec every 3rd st, beginning with 1st st (dec 1,4,7,10,13,16) (18 st)
   insert safety eyes
Round 18: dec every other st, beginning with 2nd st (dec 2,4,6,8,10,12) (12 st)

Round 19-22: even sc next 4 rows
Round 23 (“leg” round): sc, *ch 15, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and next 6 ch; 3 hdc in next ch; hdc in next 6 ch; sl st to join top of "leg" in post 2 rows back in line with "leg"; ch 1, sc in next st on current row* repeat around (12 st plus 6 legs)

Round 24: even sc around (12 st)
Round 25: dec every st (6 st)
Round 26: even sc around (6 st)
   poke a bit more stuffing inside with flat end of hook if needed.
   finish off, stitch closed with remaining yarn and yarn needle, then hide end inside body

 © K. Frank, Handmade Gypsy 2010. All rights reserved.

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  1. Finished the Cold Virus...Now time for this guy:-) Thank you for the effort you put into these, and I look forward to more!