Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Floor Work & Poor Little Feetses

I just started taking an intro to floorwork class with my bellydance troupe, and am (not surprisingly) loving it. One of my lovely teachers has a pair of these nifty little (for lack of a better name) footies she got years ago to protect the tops of your feet while sliding around on floors.

"Can you make some of these? I bet all these girls would buy them!"
Well, of course, I had to try. So, this is round one.

They don't take long - except when you forget to write down what you did on the first one and have to pull out every other row on #2  :)

Lesson learned: write down what you do!

There will definitely be more of these coming, probably for the ladies in my class, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get around to some stuff to get the Etsy shop up and running :)

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