Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring break, at last, is here. This means I've finally gotten time to hit the projects all lined up waiting for me!

First one up today is a pair of wristwarmers for my chiropractor, who saw a pair I'd made myself and liked them enough to ask me to make her a pair. I didn't have a pattern I liked, so made this one up, using a stitch pattern from Super Stitches Crochet. The pattern requires you to turn at each row, but there isn't much I dislike more in crochet than having to stitch up a completed object - and not being able to try it on as I go. After a few blunders, I managed to solve that problem, and work this connecting each row before turning - best of both worlds!
This picture shows them about half-done, after I'd figured out how to make an acceptable increase :) Pattern and finished picture coming tomorrow.

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