Thursday, March 4, 2010

Le Bouteille d'Eau

Finally replaced the old, beat up (and probably BPA-laden, though I'm still not sure it's much of a big deal) Nalgene bottle this weekend with a shiny new Sigg. Loving the pretty Moroccan design on the outside, but after dropping it on my foot once, then on the floor (denting the bottom quite nicely), I thought some sort of holder was in order. Pulled out a few of the stitches from Crochet Kitten's Josephine collection (which I already borrowed for my bellydance belt) and whipped this up in just a couple hours of multi-tasking.

I was working on this at school a bit, and a few of my girls were requesting one for themselves :) Handy, pretty, and lets the design still show through!

The strap was done in two pieces, and instead of sewing them together, I made a nice long chain on each side and laced them together for an adjustable strap.

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