Sunday, April 25, 2010

Critter's Coat

The other half of my baby shower gift for my momma-to-be cousin, Critter's Coat is pretty directly [shamelessly] copied from another on Ravelry (Thanks, YarnSide!). However, I like it like that :)
This pattern makes two big "6-sided squares" - by which I mean shapes with 6 sides and 90 degree corners. These obviously don't lay flat, until you fold them in half to form the two sides of the coat. Neat construction!
Yarn: Lion's Pride Vanna's Choice Olive & Pea Pod
Critter's Coat and Baby Buggs on my stunning model :)

June 22 - Dear Evan Riley ... four days wasn't enough. Your mommy and daddy love and miss you, and people all over this world have been praying for you and crying over you, but we'll see you one day. We will always ask why - but we have seen how you have made a mark on this world and on so many lives. Meet you on the other side, Critter.


  1. They are SO stinkin cute! He'll hopefull fit the coat by Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Chica! Sleeves roll up and such for them stubby baby arms :) Monkey's have longer arms that babies... :D