Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How not to be a terrible landlord

*WARNING: Rant ahead*

It is my professional opinion that landlords who decide not to include ANY utilities in the rent (even the ones they get billed for and then have to forward to you) just to make their rent sound better, AND make you pay for and arrange annual furnace cleaning AND make you pay for "minor maintenance" under $75 AND make you pay for up front (then hopefully get reimbursed for) and arrange all other maintenance, all the while making you go back and forth as the middleman between them (the actual decision-maker) and the poor guy who gets stuck doing the work *inhale, don't forget to breathe, girl* are not good landlords. And when they make you paint their bathroom trim just because you were nice enough to rip out their horrid, peeling wallpaper.

Not happy!

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