Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An introduction

Back in college, titles and introductions were usually the last parts of my paper to be written. The content was so much easier to come up with than the snappy things that make a good start to a story.

The idea of writing on a blog has appealed to me for some time. I've got plenty to say, but like any good perfectionist, I was hung up on what to call it. One can write a paper without a title, but you can't really MAKE a blog without giving it a name (URL, etc.) first!

So I've finally thought of something. Were I ever to start a tavern, or a strange and random sort of B&B, it would be called the Barefoot Wench. Lacking either a tavern or a B&B, this blog gets that name instead.

It's a collection of thoughts and ideas, running the gauntlet from crafty things (new bodice, felted wool lamb that's next on the list) and recipes (made tortillas last week!) to favorite RPGs (D&D, LARP, MMOs) to musings on politics, science, religion and philosophy. Just like a tavern - a little bit of everything! Now if only I had an oil lamp and a mug of beer...

Update: I changed my name! I still would name my tavern the Barefoot Wench, but this blog is now the Handmade Gypsy. Moving a little more towards the craftiness that started it all!


  1. Between yours and Kia's blog, my life got sixty billion times better!

  2. Also, if you look very closely, you picked the same base layout and colors that my blog started with. Should we REALLY be surprised we picked the same colors???

  3. I had noted the same thing, and was going to make that comment on yours! No, we shouldn't... remind me to paint a wall purple sometime :D